HK6022 is a professional,quiet and powerful LED based moving head spot.With an output that is comparable with a MSR575 lamp and a feature list that provides all the tools for the professional user,the HK6022 is a break-through in entertainment lighting.With only a single 100W LED light soure,running the lighting rig at full blast has taken a big step in the 'green'direction.

Technical Parameter:

Model: HK6022

•Light Source
1.LED Qty 1xWHITE(100W)

1.Input Voltage : 100~240VAC/50Hz~60HzPower consumption : 160W max at full output

•Control Protocol//DMX512(1990)
1.On-board : Display for Auto and Custom and Sound control
2.Control personality : Advanced(18chs)/Basic(16chs)

•OPtical system
1.Focus : Electronic focus
2.Electronic Zoom : 15°,18°
3.Dimmer : 0-100%
4.Strobe : Variable speed
5.Prism Prism : Rotating 3-facet prism

1.Pan : 540°
2.Tilt : 270°
3.Pan/tilt resolution : 8-16 bit
4.Special : Pan/tiltmovement blackout User-selectable pan/tilt ranges
1.Rotating GOBO 1&2 : 6 Gobos(interchangable), Gobo-flow effect, Gobo shake, Bi-directional rotation
2.Colors : 7 dichroic-filters+White , Rainbow-flow effect


1.Dimensions: 390X320X650mm
3.Housing: Flame-retardant plastic(V0&V2) Color : Black
4.Fixture Connection : Data in/out,Power in
5.Cooling: Forced convection

•Certification and Safety
1.Certification : CE
2.Environment : Dry location
3.Max.ambient TEMP : 45°C

Weight: about 25kg(with carton)

             about 73kg(cases which can load two lights)